Thursday, December 9, 2010

Graham O’Conoor Of Oratory Commerce is a man who sets a great example

What matters most in direct marketing is not whether you have sales experience or not. An enthusiastic attitude coupled with the talent to observe, learn and grasp the positive attributes in leaders and people above us in the hierarchy is what can make you keep moving forward. And the best example of this is Graham O’Connor of Oratory Commerce .Graham has been with Oratory Commerce for the past 6 months and started business without any prior sales experience. But though Graham O’ Connor did not have any sales experience what he had was an enthusiastic attitude and the willingness to learn things from his leader, Andrew Fairclough - a man with a lot of skills in sales.

Being quick to learn, Graham achieved leadership within his first week with the company and today takes on position not only as a high roller within the company but also exercises duties as a team leader of two other leaders and two field representatives.
Having an above average attitude Graham did not prefer a 9-5 job which offered no job progression. This attitude steamed partly from the fact that Graham was mentored by a great leader. Sales appealed to him because he was in control of how much he could earn per week. He felt that the advantage of sales was that though you had no money at the start of a weekend, you could make as much as £600 if the goal was achieved.

Being a high roller in office, Graham O’ Conoor motivated and made his team really good at sales. His example of doing business and achieving sales consistently and earning minimum of £100 in a day was enough boost for the field representatives in his team.

Today Graham O’Conoor works on the goal of being a Crew Leader some day and build a strong team of his own. He also plans to achieve Assistant Ownership by March 2011. He has a very interesting motto in his life “work hard play hard”. Graham O’ Conoor believes that by having fun during work you achieve more sales, and more sales means more money which ultimately helps you can have a great holiday during your weekend. Graham O’Conoor’s personal best was 22 sales in a week.