Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Opportunities and challenges of a team leader..

Being a Team Leader involves developing and coaching your own sales team and being accountable for. The next advancement is the Crew Leader, which is the next level of team leadership, where you are not only being accountable for your team but also to their results. It also involves record keeping by utilizing all skills from previous modules of the Business Development Programme.

Kane Pulford-Roberts joined Oratory Commerce 12months ago and found the working atmosphere truly exciting , interesting and different as he had not worked in this environment before. The good thing about this business is that each individual is recognised for their achievements and awarded with promotions of their good performance.

Kane strived to be above average, he liked having results and craved for success. In order to achieve this, he set long term goals within the business, which was broken into simpler daily tasks and goals. Alongside these goals, there was always a personal goal; for example hit Crew Leader by a certain point, having achieved it he would then reward himself with two new suits.

What stimulates his motive is to always be the best, to prove to himself as well as others that he can perform well in sales. Another ambition of his is to have the financial freedom to invest in other business; Children Nursery Empire in particular. The reason being that at present his mother runs this organisation and he aims to take over it and be able to give his mother a wage.

His attitude is to always work hard and that is how he achieved his many goals within this business. His advice to beginners is to work hard and to understand that any success in life comes with hard work. The business is as simple as building oneself in copying and applying from High Rollers and following the system within the business.

Kane’s next ambition is to achieve Assistant Ownership by Christmas and Ownership by March 2011. It is those who plan ahead and have a vision of their ambition who succeed fast within this business!

Kane: “Work hard, believe in yourself and stick to your goals!”