Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oratory Commerce rolls out innovative events for their clients

With a lot of experience in the event marketing field, Oratory Commerce knows that every business revolves around two aspects: marketing and innovation. By clubbing the above two, the company paves their way into the midst of people by helping their clients market their products and services in the most innovative way. In fact the company is so very smart that all their events are designed and executed in such a way that the target audiences don’t even get the slightest feeling that the purpose of the event is marketing.

By carefully researching, designing, planning, coordinating and evaluating its event marketing strategies, Oratory Commerce Liverpool makes sure that they succeed in achieving the goals of their clients. By taking into account all the practical requirements for promoting and selling successful events, Oratory UK also makes sure that they roll out events that exceed the expectations of their clients when it comes to attaining and acquiring their target customers.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Are employees scamming their bosses?

Sick days cost the economy about £2bn a year and according to CBI research, 15% of these are fake!

However, the good news for smaller businesses like Oratory Commerce in Liverpool, is that ‘sickies’ are much more common in larger companies.
It’s often the punch line of a joke told at the local pub after a few pints and naive as it may seem, a lot of people do not see that what they are doing is actually a scam. And for business owners, those in authority are left with little options to prevent paid sick leave for employees who are more than well. The recently introduced ‘fit note’, which ensures that GPs, employers and staff focus on what an employee can do, not what they can’t, was mostly welcomed. The initiative, which replaced sick notes in April, was praised by 76% of those polled as ‘likely to get people back to work sooner’ rather than having to accept bogus sick days as the right of an employee.

Unfortunately, it’s not only the directors of companies that are being scammed but also those honest hard working members of staff. The workers that are left to pick up the extra work load are those that are affected the worst by this scam.
The statistics for those who are self employed are very different however, with the self employed apparently being a lot healthier! In Liverpool, the absence rate due to sickness is no doubt the same as across the rest of the nation, but here at Oratory Commerce, where we contract out work to 25+ self employed representatives, spirits are high and so are attendance records!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The wide network of Oratory Commerce

Being a part of the franchise organisation, Oratory Commerce networks with many other offices in the United Kingdom as well as with other offices spread across the world. With 120 offices only in the UK, Oratory Commerce is in fact very proud of its huge network of offices and works hand-in-hand with them, co-coordinating perfectly well to carry out and conduct events in the best manner possible. This network helps the company to branch out into unknown and unexplored areas.

Alex Pinker, Owner of Oratory Commerce is very meticulous in keeping a tab of all the activities and is presently working in partnership with the events division in Ireland. As of now, Oratory UK is sailing high with a visit from August Cox-Taylor (Owner) ACT Marketing Ltd (training and information were exchanged among both the offices) as the first step towards a mutually profitable relationship. The company now looks out for the next visitor from Dublin; Roar Promotions Ltd.

Andrew Fairclough (Oratory Commerce) was recently promoted to facilitate the branching out Ireland.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Control vs Excuse

Today's morning meeting was hosted by Oratory Commerce Assistant Owner Andrew Fair clough. Andy who will be opening up an office in Ireland next month, spoke about how easy it is to achieve the daily target goals set during the morning meetings for the events. He explained a very simple structure relating to how a Field Representative should carry himself or herself during his or her presentation in events.


  • Capture customer's attention with a question ie."Hi, do you shop here often?"

  • Answer questions and end the answer with a question - this enables you to take control

  • Be assumptive

  • Ice breakers / Hooklines

  • Tone of voice - have confidence within yourself

Non Verbally

  • Body Language

  • Smile

  • Hands - help paint a picture

  • Pitch cards

  • Eye contact

  • Nodding

These simple steps help achieve the daily goals that are set. Knowing that you are in control allows you to have great consistent sales daily.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Oratory Commerce is well-equipped with all the lead-capture mechanisms:

The strength of an event marketing organisation lies in how easily it identifies the action for the leads. Oratory Commerce Liverpool with numerous years of experience, a very committed and dedicated staff who work round the clock to guarantee the results that clients expect out of the events hosted, facilitate in shortening the sales cycle to a great extent. By delivering the right message to the target audience at the right time, the company accelerates and shortens the sales cycle of their clients in a way that exceeds their expectations.

By hosting tailor-made events for their clients, Oratory Commerce helps their clients in getting to know the “typical” responses from their target customers. Having analysed the market and the target customers in a clear way before they set up events, Oratory UK knows what exactly to speak to customers at events and this in turn helps customer responses incline towards their clients in the way they prefer.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Oratory Commerce Liverpool knows how exactly to position their clients and deliver their message

Oratory Commerce UK knows how exactly to position their clients and deliver their message to the target audience. When there is a lot of competition going on in the event marketing field, Oratory Commerce knows that it is not a very easy job to help their clients get noticed. However, Oratory successfully achieves this feat by planning strategic events that can effectively position the brand of their clients amongst other competitors, target audience and within the allotted market space.

By understanding the importance of positioning executives at their appropriate places at major events and doing this is in the best possible manner, Oratory Commerce Liverpool in addition to hitting the right chord amongst target customers also facilitates their executives to use their time effectively.

By organizing transparent events, clients of Oratory Commerce UK are able to understand where exactly their money is going, for what purpose and are also able to measure the results in an accurate manner.